• Thursday, September 20, 2018
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The Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC)

The Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC) is comprised of representatives from schools of nursing and hospitals in the ten Bay Area counties. The CINHC and the California Simulation Alliance (CSA) provide leadership for the BASC and is one of seven regional simulation collaborative in California. The initial project was the third component of the Bay Area Nursing Resource Center.

The BASC was developed as a regional demonstration model and has been replicated in various regions of the state and around the country. For more information, contact the BASC co-chairs: Lina Gage-Kelly at agage-kelly@samuelmerritt.edu, or Lisa Sabatini at lmsabatini@usfca.edu. Please visit the CSA website at www.californiasimulationalliance.org.

Simulation--Bay Area Simulation Collaborative (BASC)
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