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The Bay Area NRC

The Bay Area Nursing Resource Center is a collaborative effort between the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) and HealthImpact. Bay Area NRC services are funded through a grant from the Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative, sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. FCCC is the fiscal sponsor for the grant, is developing the online applications and has oversight for the entire project, while HealthImpact has the primary responsibility for leading all community outreach activities and collaborations with the Bay Area users.

To see more information about the Bay Area Nursing Resource Center, please visit the Library area of this site.

Our Values

The Bay Area NRC programs are based on the following values:

  • Trust. Establish and maintain the highest levels of system integrity.
  • Mutual Respect. Treat everyone as a valued colleague.
  • Community. Uphold a sense of “oneness” and cooperation with all stakeholders.
  • Educational Excellence. Ensure all students are enabled to realize their potential.
  • Open Communication. Commitment to listen and share ideas.

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